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What do you know about escort in prague for adults?

Sex is for sale and this is definitely true when it comes to the city of Prague.

Everyone has heard of sex privates. The city is famous for its sex clubs and they have something for every taste. Someone tried it, someone didn’t. In any case, sex privates exist for a very long time. Sex privates in Prague are relatively famous. According to research, the largest number of private sex in Prague. Many models and porn actresses come from Prague.escort prague 1

Most of the sex clubs are clean and well organized. If you visit one, the rules are explained by the manager or bouncer and safe sex is always practiced. There is usually an entrance fee of 500 czech crowns (around 20 euro) just to sit in the bar and watch the show, however, the price increases immediately if you use other services. In many places, there are employees standing on the street trying to encourage you to come to the establishment. If you wanted a girl, you could have her. Immediately. And relatively cheap.

Sex privates today

Indeed, for many people, almost legal sex clubs, brothels, strip clubs and massage parlors are the main reason for visiting the Czech capital. Therefore, over the years, the city has earned a reputation for being the night capital of Europe, this is a fact. You will be able to visit many “gentlemen’s clubs” or “chill out” in the city with impunity, at least from local law enforcement agencies. This is not to say that there are no dangers, and there are several golden rules to follow.

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And another thing, that you can not to have or to seduce women for sex is private. There is only sex and nothing more. Clean work. I have read, that many men who visit sex privates can live like this for a long time. Sometimes it is addictive, but it can be frightened.

Today sex privates in Prague do not work non stop. Usually only until 1.00 am or 2.00 am. Yes, the time 1.00 am or 2.00 am is relatively good, but it is not. Because if you order a girl for example at 1.00 am, and you are there alone, she will cancel your reservation, because it is not worth it and it is too late. It is very unstable. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Yes, you can go to sex private during the day, but that is not good. Because psychologically is better, if you have sex at the end, as a reward and not at the beginning.

About medical certificates

Some sex privates also have medical examinations. These are medical certificates for the most serious sexual diseases, but the frequency of these diseases is very low. So these tests are not of great value. Why ? Because if someone has syphilis, the disease will show up in a few weeks, it is not hidden. If it were HIV/AIDS, it would not initially appear, yes, but on the other side, if a girl was also infected with the HIV virus, the chances of getting infected are also relatively low. If you use protection, of course. But they all use it.

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A major problem is for example hepatitis or HPV virus. These diseases are hidden. They have no significant symptoms and it is possible to get infected. But on the other side the hygiene of sex private is relatively high.

Never approach working girls on the street and do not answer anyone who might approach you. It is also not uncommon (especially late at night in Wenceslas Square) when men turn to try to propose girls to you and / or try to force themselves into clubs. They seem to know everything. Ignore them.

Short list of sex clubs

Several clubs are listed here. While you can’t be 100 percent sure about anything, all of these clubs have been around for a very long time and have a reputation as legitimate businesses offering all sorts of delights within the law.

Lotos Club * Neon Club * ShowPark * Sweet Paradise * Big Sister * A Club 161 * Hot Pepper’s * Night Gym Club * Club Sexy Sauna * Sugar’s Cabaret * Club 600 * Red Light Prague * Laura Club * Velvet * Escade * Extasy Cabaret * Club Exclusive AAA

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Wherever you go, use your common sense and keep track of how and on what you spend your money. Make sure you know the price of everything (check websites, contact administration) – including (especially) drinks – before engaging in any adult activity and try to pay in cash only. Follow some simple rules and you will have a great time in Prague.

In addition, individual escorts you can find on escort webpages. The prices also are different, as the choice of girls, who are ready to come to you (outcall) or invite you (incall).


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