Consider registration using an example:

Step 1.

On the main page, click on the top tab – My Account. The system will transfer you to the registration tab. You need to enter your nickname, email address and password into the fields there and click – Register


Congratulations, the registration process is completed! In this panel you will see all necessary information: Status/Validity/Posted ads and etc. ->

Step 2.

Now you need to understand how many ads you are planning to place here. We have 4 offers from 5 up to 100 ads. For example, will select a box with 5 ads (Plan S) and click – Buy ->

Excellent, now we have the opportunity to post 5 ads.

*If necessary, you can repeat the procedure and buy another box (Plan S) with 5 ads. Total you will get 10 ads.

Step 3.

To post an ad, you need to click the button – Post Your Ad in the top panel->


In Ad panel, which will open for you, choosing the necessary fields, will be able to give the maximum possible information and make a more accurate proposal (the division is determined by gender) offer ->

Step 4.

All ads are stored in the tab – My Listings which you can Edit/Delete and Promote (to top) in any time ->