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Searching for a romantic Prague wine bar or wine cellar?

See below comprehensive list of wine bars in Prague that features the best of the best establishments in the city.

The Czech Republic has large wine producing areas, especially in Southern Moravia. Moravian Towns are produce wine from the grape varieties of Pinot Noir, Saint Laurent, and Cabernet Sauvignon. While the northern region of Bohemia focuses on the varieties of Pinot Blanc, Muller-Thurgau, and Gewurztraminer. Although Czech wine has long been snubbed as unequal. It’s popularity is on the rise and many cozy wine bars exist in Prague, serving gorgeous homegrown wines in intimate romantic cellars.

  • Flavours

    flavours bar prague

This gourmet wine boutique offers an abundance of wine from around the world, a deli counter with a mouthwatering variety of cheese, sausage, and roast beef plus amazing olive oils, homemade sweets including cheesecake and cupcakes, gourmet chocolate, honey, and much more. The interior of the wine shop boasts shelves that stretch all the way to the ceiling, full of a fine array of the drink of the gods – ensuring there is truly a wine for all tastes. If you happen to pop by with friends and wish to drink a bottle or a glass in the back room, you may do so if the room is free – due to its popularity it is often full, therefore it is wise to make a reservation. Furthermore you can order delicious food from the a la carte menu at Ristorante Sapori, a fine dining establishment located just next door; a server is always available for the private room.

  • Wine Society

This concept, situated in a classic Art Nouveau apartment building with an enchanting interior designed by Portuguese architect Marco Maio, combines first-class service, a perfect orientation in the world of wine, and a true love of wine. There are several services at your disposal – firstly, you can visit the extraordinary establishment of Wine Society during any of the informal “afterwork” gustations. You can also join the evening events and cherish unique wines, harmoniously completed by tones of jazz music, or concentrate on guided gustations by sommeliers. If you want to deepen your relationship with wine, you can join one of the two private clubs. The majority of the wine assortment, which consists of almost five hundred wines, is available in the online wine shop. However, the rarest bottles are reserved for club members. In case you want to please your senses, have an intense experience, enjoy delicate wines from the Old World and America and meet those who are similar to you, Wine Society is the perfect place.

  • Monarch

If you wish to indulge in a night of conversation with family and friends as you sample delicious wines and cheeses and more then head to Monarch! Monarch has four different locations in Prague connected with wine: Monarch Wine Restaurant, Monarch Wine Bar, Monarch Wine Cellar and Monarch National Wine Bank (open by consent only and for up to 100 guests). The quiet and comfortable bars feature simple and elegant interiors where you can enjoy not only delicious meals and titbits, but also excellent wines from all corners of the world. The list of wines (bottles and by the glass) offered is extensive and the lists feature wines from all around the world at affordable prices making Monarch the perfect place to do a little wine sampling. As an extra-added bonus, certain Monarch establishments offer spaces (Monarch Wine Bar offers space in its wine cellar that features the original vaulted ceiling) for private and company parties or wine tasting with the


possibility of private cooking. Not only are the Monarch establishments attractive and intimate places for family and friends, they are also a good choice for a less formal business dinner or reception. Monarch also offers storage space in Prague for your wine aging. Storage room is available in the historical wine cellar Monarch from the 17th century that is built on the rock and where there is an excellent microclimate and conditions. At Monarch they will be happy to organize your visit with vintners in all important wine producing regions, including wine tasting, accommodation and overall programme of the trip. Monarch can also organize sommelier and wine sampling courses and provide consultancy with wine selection, catering and space for holding wedding ceremonies.

  • Bokovka Wine Bar

This intimate wine bar located in the heart of Prague is one of the best places to sample the drink of the gods. Inspired by the 2004 Hollywood movie Sideways and opened in 2006, hence the name Bokovka (translates to sideways in Czech), this wine bar offers an extensive selection of world wines in a wonderful cozy little setting. Reminiscent of a little Parisian wine bar, the ambiance is set with small circular wrought iron and wood tables, charming wall decor, light wood and light grey tones. Your perfect evening begins at Bokovka where you can sample some of the best wines available – of course, should you feel like a larger glass of wine, the bar features select wines that can be ordered by the glass, otherwise this wine bar functions purely as a tasting bar for lovers of wine. Every Thursday night newly opened wines are presented by a member of the “Bokovka Club”, a club that is made up of the head sommelier, a restaurateur, a graphic designer, a modern art collector, two film directors, a painter and a photographer. Should you wish to add some light cuisine to complement your wine tasting, Bokovka serves grilled sausage, a variety of cheese, and homemade bread with different spreads including pig lard and caviar, cod liver, farm butter and Hungarian salami. If you want to spend a fantastic evening at Bokovka, we highly recommend making a reservation, which can be conveniently done online.

  • Prosekárna

For those who adore the country of Italy with all its charms and culinary amazingness, there is now thankfully, Prosekárna – an establishment that focuses mainly on Prosecco. The lovely sparkling white wine that is Prosecco is fully enjoyed by all as it is a less expensive version of real champagne and is just as good. Prosecco is produced mainly as a sparkling wine in the varieties sparkling (spumante) or lightly sparkling (frizzante), and depending on its sweetness is labeled by the EU as brut, extra dry or dry. The spumante varieties contain traces of Pinot Bianco or Pinot Grigio. All of this and more you can learn about and sample at Prosekárna, which functions both as a wine bar and gourmet shop. The owners of Prosekárna are self-proclaimed lovers of Italy, which is why Prosekárna exists. Their website even states: “Why Prosekárna? Because we love Italy. We love the atmosphere of the bars and trattorias, excellent sparkling wines, great Italian coffee and Italian design and style.” The urge to share these experiences and feelings with the general public is exactly why Prosekárna opened its doors in Prague.


At Prosekárna you can drink different types of Prosecco, enjoy rich Caffé del Doge coffee and taste homemade Italian delicacies. The lovely interior is both stylish and comforting, and will welcome you to stay for just one more glass. Prosekárna is available for tastings, presentations and meetings, corporate and private events, and more. Stop for a moment, enjoy the finer things in life and simply unwind at Prosekárna.


  • Chateau Šafaříkova

In the city center of Prague, lies an intimate establishment which will surely delight every lover of wine and of the country of France. Prague boasts some really good, select wine bars that offer world class wines – one of those such places is Château Šafaříkova, a family operated business with a pleasant, cozy atmosphere and a great selection of top class French wines. Château Šafaříkova operates both as a small wine bar and wine store. Thanks to that, you can freely decide whether to sit and relax for a while over a glass of wine (or even perhaps a bottle) or to take it away. Naturally, both variants are possible. The friendly and professional staff at Château Šafaříkova will present you with all wines thoroughly so you know what to combine them with, which food completes them harmoniously, etc. The wine bar & store also offers various light snacks including a cheese plate, prosciutto, French dried sausages, the simple, yet extremely satisfying combination of a fresh baguette with quality olive oil, and more. The family team that runs Château Šafaříkova collects the wines personally and imports them, resulting in an impressive assortment that consists of more than one hundred excellent, yet affordable wines from a variety of French regions, such as Bordeaux, Provence, Loire, Côtes du Rhône, Bourgogne, Gascogne, Champagne, etc. Should you wish to shop conveniently from the comfort of your home or office, take a look at their online store and have the wine delivered personally to your front door. And if you are worried that you may not know which wines to choose – no worries -, the wines are presented with detailed descriptions, allowing you to orientate yourself easily in the world of French wines. Pay a visit to this atmospheric French wine bar today, or simply order online.

  • Slámovka Wine Bar

This wine bar is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy a glass of wine and forget all about the bustling city streets of Prague above you. The interior is simple with emphasis placed on the wonderful original cellar elements such as the exposed stone walls, and includes wooden furniture and dim lighting provided by flickering candles – the overall combination provides a lovely intimate setting. At Slámovka you can sample the best Czech and Moravian wines; Slámovka collaborates only with verified wineries, ensuring excellence and pure deliciousness. Thanks to their personal contacts with wine makers the local staff will tell you much more about each wine than you would have found had you merely read the wine label. For closer exploration of various wine types, you can attend the regular tastings which Slámovka organizes in cooperation with the above-mentioned individual wineries. Slámovka also boasts a large variation of specialities to pair with wines such as smoked meat products and ripened and aged cheeses – perfect for complementing the wine.


Should you like to taste venison sausage or homemade crackling spread, the bar offers these hearty snacks – your taste buds will be sure to thank you. A wide range of African fair trade teas, rich coffee drinks, homemade fruit brandy, home-made sodas, Pilsner Urquell beer and more complete the varied menu. Slámovka Wine Bar provides musical entertainment on specific evenings – the daily schedule can be found on their webpage, which is listed below. Lovers of wine should take note that Slámovka has a sister wine shop in Prague 6, where you can choose from a large selection of high quality wines. Visit Slámovka Wine Bar tonight and enjoy a pleasant night out on the town with great friends and great wine; we guarantee you will return time and time again. Cheers!

  • La Cave d’Adrien

Located in the pretty residential area of Vinohrady in Prague 2 is La Cave d’Adrien, an excellent French wine boutique and delicatessen. The philosophy at La Cave d’Adrien is simple – they aim to spread their passion for high quality French goods by supplying such goods as wine, champagne and delicatessen items to Prague clients for affordable prices. The top quality products at La Cave d’Adrien have been carefully selected in order to ensure that clients will find exactly what they are looking for, whether it is a wonderful, full-bodied red, or a superb Champagne. La Cave d’Adrien is there for all your wine and delicatessen needs – with friendly, professional staff members and a user-friendly efficient website you can bet that the gourmet country of France is at your fingertips. What’s more, you can purchase all of the lovely wines and products on their website and have them conveniently shipped to your home or office; delivery is only 99 CZK, or free if you spend over 2500 CZK. La Cave d’Adrien – your one stop shop for delectable, top notch wines and goods from France!

  • You & Wine

A love of the drink of the gods – wine – and a longing for an atmospheric comfortable setting in which to taste such delectable wines led to the establishment of the charming wine bar, You & Wine. The proprietors of You & Wine have created a wine bar where one can sit and leisurely chat with friends and/or family, in an attractive cozy setting, but most importantly – one can sample high quality good wines at reasonable prices. The unique interior is the design and handy work of the owners themselves who also hand pick the wine – sometimes with the help of their wine-loving friends during tasting evenings (tasting event evenings happen on the regular, either to introduce new wines or to help the proprietors choose wines to add to their permanent menu). Thanks to their dedication to offering great wine that is continuously amended and supplemented (not to mention their upmost appreciation of the drink) and served in an atmospheric setting, this great wine bar ensures happy guests will return time and time again.


If gastronomy (the wine bar offers typical yummy snacks including almonds, olives, a cheese selection, procusitto, pate, etc.) a sense of aesthetics, a love of wine, and a stamina to please guests sound appealing, pay a visit to You & Wine soon. The wine bar currently offers Czech and Moravian wines, complemented by carefully selected Spanish red wine.

  • The Wine Bar

The Wine Bar & Brasserie boasts an atmospheric setting with a cool urban feel, yet still warm and welcoming. This reputable Prague wine bar offers an extensive variety of wines alongside classic brasserie menu items (Home-made duck liver paté, French onion soup, steak tartare, etc.), the chef’s daily menu, and more. The wine list features notable wines from famous regions, as well as carefully selected lesser known wines, ensuring that their will be a grape variety for everyone. The classic interior features design lighting, a large backbar, and small intimate tables decorated with fresh flowers, making the Wine Bar a perfect place for a bottle of wine with a friend or loved one. During the warmer months, the Wine Bar & Brasserie sets up tables outside in the front of their establishment, perfect for people watching and sampling the drink of the gods under a moonlit night. Open Monday – Friday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday 4 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

  • Cellarius Wine Club & Shop

Cellarius offers over 1,300 varieties of wine from all over the world and specializes in the exclusive import from Chile, Spain, Portugal and France. This place features a club membership program, which affords its members a 5% discount on purchased goods. The New Town location is situated in the Lucerna Passage and features intimate tables in the passage for wine tasting while the Vinohrady location boasts a wine cellar and garden restaurant available for guided tasting events and private parties. Besides a wine bar, Gourmet Černošice also offers a café where coffee is served in the Viennese style, a gallery and wine tasting area where wine and food tasting as well as art exhibitions are held regularly, and a store with Mediterranean delicacies where you can purchase oil, vinegar, prosciutto, salamis, cheeses and much more. Cellarius also provides wine catering and a splendid variety of historical reproductions of green Czech forest glass that includes wine glasses and goblets. The true love of wine is evident in the case of the other activity of the Cellarius’ owner – in the beautiful environment of the Šumava National Park he is offering for rent a new wooden cottage with an original Finnish sauna and a wine cellar featuring a specific selection of wines for each room.

  • Velký Vinograf

A real treat awaits for wine lovers at Velký Vinograf – a friendly neighborhood wine bar. Both wine bars serve a breathtakingly wide variety of delicious Moravian and Bohemian wines, sure to delight your senses and your palate. This mecca for wine lovers is situated in bustling New Town, conveniently located by a tram stop. At Velký Vinograf you can sample the Czech Republic’s (mainly Moravia’s) varietals in a large modern space that features comfortable seating, a long bar and large format windows – perfect for people watching while sipping on delectable glasses of wine. Velký Vinograf has a lunch and dinner menu, as well as simple cheese and meat plates, although here the food is meant to take a backseat to the wine, so check with your server to make sure you are ordering dishes that complement the drink of the gods. The wines available for tasting at Velký Vinograf come from small, family wine makers with years of tradition, and belong among the best of Czech wines. Should you have any questions regarding wine, simply ask the professional staff at this amazing Prague wine bar – before wine is place on the bar’s list it goes through an extensive internal tasting; each staff member must learn it thoroughly in order to give professional advice, from one wine lover to another. If you wish to sample some of the best wine the Czech Republic has to offer, pay a visit to the popular New Town wine bar, Velký Vinograf.

  • Malý Vinograf

Cozy Malý Vinograf is one of the most popular wine bars in Prague not only among locals, but also among tourists who prefer its intimate ambience without hordes of other tourists. The majority of the wines available to taste at Malý Vinograf come from small Bohemian and Moravian wine makers and belong among the best of Czech wines. Malý Vinograf’s knowledgeable staff will give you all kinds of information about the wine you have selected and if you are in doubt about which wine to choose from the more than 100 wines on the list, staff members will be happy to help you. Before it is placed on the wine list every wine goes through an internal tasting and each staff member has to learn to know it thoroughly, so that they are able to give professional advice to customers. Malý Vinograf holds blind and comparative wine tastings, wine growers’ presentations, educational seminars and more. If you want to be up to date on what is going on at Malý Vinograf, you should follow its blog – there you will find many articles as well as photos and videos about wine, winemakers, and food.


The wine bars with an intimate atmosphere and a simply-furnished interior, follow our recommendation and set off for Malý Vinograf for a glass, or two or three of excellent wine, or if you happen to be in New Town, visit Velký Vinograf. If you do not have enough time to sit here for a while, buy some delicious Bohemian or Moravian wine to drink later in the comfort of your own home.

  • Bacco Wine Bar

Step inside this wine bar and you will be transported to the elegant inside of a grand Renaissance villa outside of Firenze, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Bacco Wine Bar features lovely frescos and colorful paintings, small intimate tables, a small bar area and have course, a splendid selection of wine! Bacco specializes in vintage bottles from the Czech Republic, Macedonia and Italy. What better place to sample the drink of the Gods than a Renaissance stylized interior? The quiet and intimate setting will surely have you returning for more. Bacco Wine Bar also offers delicious cheese and sausage plates to accompany your wine. This elegant wine bar is a must for lovers of wine!

  • U Staré Studny

It is a unique space where its owners try to introduce guests to the often-overlooked world of noble liquors, including cognac. Wine tastings, cognac and armagnac tastings, as well as tastings of Pineau des Charentes, a rich cognac mixed with fresh grape juice that matures in oak barrels, take place regularly here. Should you be interested, the U Staré Studny cognac and wine bar will also organize a private tasting for you, especially customized to your exact wishes. Guests can choose from a menu offering nearly one hundred varieties of noble spirits which are personally hand-selected by the owners during their regular visits of small family-run companies in France, as well as from a wide selection of wines from different corners of the world including France, Italy, Austria, Chile and Moravian wines. Moreover, each day four red wines and four white wines selected to be available by the glass. These delicious drinks are worth combining with any of the local specialties on the often-updated menu which usually includes a selection of excellent cheeses and sausages or homemade paté. At the same location as the cognac & wine bar, you will also find a specialty food, cognac, and wine shop called Fork & Cork where you can buy liquor, Champagne and a range of fresh produce or deli items. Whether you choose to spend a nice romantic evening at U Staré Studny or have your business meeting there, you can be sure to entirely enjoy this delightful venue.

  • Monarch Wine Bar

If you are fans of quality wines and good cheese, at Monarch Vinný bar you will be at the right place. Monarch is the only wine bar in Prague that has been operating for more than ten years. You can taste top foreign or Czech wines, cheeses and other titbits on the area of 200 meters. The pleasant cellar with vaulted ceiling, whose capacity is up to 40 people, can be used for private evenings with wine, as well as for bigger social events. Besides an exclusive offer of wines, cheeses and much more, you can also look forward to a pleasant staff. You can take part in wine tasting of selected wines with trained sommeliers and invite your business partners for such an event in place of a more traditional dinner. Monarch vinný bar is open from Monday till Saturday from 3pm until midnight.

  • Wine Food Market

Quality Italian wines and groceries imported directly from producers can be purchased at the Wine Food Market establishments in Prague’s Old Town,. The Wine Food Market Company builds on the long-standing tradition of its parent company Buy Direct that has been on the market since 2005 and now operates as a B2B low cost company. Wine Food Market imports wine and groceries from local family-run firms in Italy, and great emphasis is placed on the high quality of its products, which are offered at affordable prices. Wine Food Market offers a wide selection of products, constantly extended and updated by the addition of new specialties. The stores sell fresh wines from the Alto Adige region, world-famous Chianti wine from Tuscany, grappa, brandy and Bombardino, cheeses from Piedmont farms, original Parmesan Parmiggiano Reggiano, Tuscan salamis, a variety of olive oils, balsamic vinegars of various ages, Italian pasta, sweets including the famous Tuscan almond cookies known as Cantuccini, and many other exciting finds. You can also shop online at Wine Food Market’s e-shop.

wine food market

The store at Smíchov, which earned the Store of the Year 2010 Award, also offers a seasonal selection of authentic fresh truffles from Piedmont. In the shop you can sample sliced Italian cheeses and salamis and some Italian wines, which are served daily. At Wine Food Market you will feel like you are on vacation in Italy!

  • VELTLIN Wine Bar

The offer of VELTLIN Wine Bar specializes in authentic natural wines from the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy, characterized by their uniquely authentic taste earned by growing the vines on vineyards not treated with systematic chemical spraying and with no added yeasts. These are traditionally-produced wines, making them exceptionally rare today. The vintners are small and middle-sized winemakers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy, with whom VELTLIN owner Bogdan Trojak is in regular contact, constantly ensuring the highest quality. The selection of Moravian wines focuses on winemakers unified through the“Authentic Winemakers“ (Autentisté) group, who all share the same regional membership and an interest in old winemaking traditions and the production of authentic wines. You can taste wines produced by all of these winemakers in the pleasant and simple interior of the wine bar or if you prefer to drink a glass or two at home, simply order them online at the VELTLIN e-shop. However, you should not miss stopping by the VELTLIN Wine Bar, as here  you will find something that is unfortunately still not a matter-of-course in the Czech Republic, namely the excellent and friendly staff, who will give you knowledgeable advice regarding your selection of wine. The excellence of the wine and the high-standard set by the staff creates the amazing atmosphere that pervades the bar, ready to welcome you whenever you stop by.

  • Vino Markuzzi

The Prague Vino Markuzzi wine shop, whose owner is one of the biggest experts on Italian wines in the Czech Republic, Jiří Markuzzi, offers Italian wines of the highest quality produced by wine makers all over Italy from the Dolomites to Sicily. The wine shop is located on Kozí Square in Old Town. You can choose from wines by sixteen Italian wine producers of small and mid size with a production not exceeding one million bottles per year and located in Tuscany, Piedmont, South Tyrol, Sicily and other parts of Italy, whose owners pay maximum care to their wine. Your choice of high-quality wines is therefore much easier, because you can bet that at Vino Markuzzi you will get only the best of wines. Besides Italian wines you can also choose Rieslings from the German wine region of Mosel and Moravian wines by the Reisten wine maker from Pavlov. Vino Markuzzi holds wine tastings in the wine shop, as well as in various Prague Italian restaurants and organizes wine and golf trips to Italy. The wine shop also provides purchase and sale of archive wines at auctions abroad and helps to found wine collections.

vino markuzi

Rely on the conscientious and thorough selection of wine that will make your choice of high-quality Italian wines in Prague easier and bet on wines from the Vino Markuzzi wine shop that will be appreciated not only by you, but also by your guests and friends. The wine shop is open from Monday till Friday from 8:30 a.m. till 7 p.m.

  • Le Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop

Le Caveau, a family operated company aims to import quality international wines at affordable prices, which is exactly what you will find at Le Caveau. Specializes in top quality French wines, all of which are tasted by a viticulturist before the final purchase. A large portion of the French wines available at Le Caveau are imported from the Lamblin & Fils family operated wine company, a company which dates back to the year 1620. Lamblin & Fils belongs to the greatest wine producers of the Chablis region having a long tradition of wine producing with various international awards decorating their vineyard’s shelves. Nothing is paired better with the drink of the gods than cheese and Le Caveau is proud to present a large variety of fine French cheeses including fresh goat, sheep and cow farm cheeses and mature hard cheeses (Epoisse, Comté, Beaufort, Chaource, Selles sur Cher, Roquefort, etc.). Le Caveau also has on offer a mouthwatering selection of foie gras, moussinetes, terrines, truffle and olive oils, mustard and wine vinegars. Le Caveau engages in the wholesale of wine for hotels and restaurants as well as other wine sellers in Prague and can also arrange wine caterings with tastings. The interior of the wine shop also features a gallery with temporary wall art, which can be purchased. Be sure to check out the Le Caveau Wineshop and Cafe in Prague’s popular Vinohrady area, where you can relax in the friendly, quaint cafe while sipping some of the best French wine in Prague and indulge in a sandwich or other treat made with Le Caveau’s excellent cheeses or other products. This vegetarian-friendly cafe offers air-conditioned indoor seating, or outdoor seating looking out on Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, in the summer, and a cozy warm atmosphere in winter.

  • U Sudu Wine Bar

Located in New Town and quite possibly the coolest wine bar in Prague is U Sudu, the hip place to be on an evening in Prague. U Sudu, situated on the corner of Vodickova and Lazarska Street is a spacious area comprised of a ground floor piano lounge with a garden and a large Gothic cellar featuring two bars and a foosball room. With a capacity of around 300 and popular local DJs playing into the wee hours of the morning every Wednesday through Saturday (Wed. – DJ Dr. Kary, Thurs. – DJ Johnny and DJ Bukvičák, Fri. – DJ David, Sat. – DJ Efka) U Sudu reigns as the best wine bar in Prague.

u sudu wine bar

U Sudu offers select wines from small wineries around the world served on tap, a fine selection of rums and tequilas, cocktails, hot beverages, small snacks including cheese and olives plus Plzeň 12 ° and 18 ° Master beers on tap. With friendly professional service, a cool party atmosphere, good wine and beer at attractive prices and a convenient location, U Sudu is a top choice for a great night out on the town!

  • Vinom Wine Bar & Cellar

Located in quiet residential Prague 6, nicely situated close to the Prague Castle, is Vinom, an intimate wine bar and wine cellar. This cozy, non-smoking establishment complete with small tables and a warm atmosphere features the perfect setting for sampling quality international, Czech and Moravian wines by the glass or bottle. With a wide range of the best international and domestic wines at affordable prices (Prices range from 14 to 95 CZK per 1 dl), you will be satisfied with the choice offered at Vinom including over 300 bottles of wine (20 of which are offered by the glass). Light snacks to accompany the complex wines served at Vinom are available, including cheese, sausage and paté plates, plus Genovese coffee if you wish for a little caffiene pick-me-up. The friendly service, quality wines (also available from their e-shop) and intimate atmosphere will have you returning to sample more of the drink of the gods! Vinom is available for private parties or catering events.

  • Vínečko Wine Bar

Located in the quiet residential neighborhood of Vinohrady is Vínečko Wine Bar a bustling establishment known for its great service, delicious snacks, complex wine and comfortable atmosphere. This pleasant wine bar features two al fresco areas, one street side and one located in the quiet courtyard and a spacious two room interior area complete with intimate tables and elegant décor. Vínečko Wine Bar specializes in wines from the Mutěnice Kyjov area (the municipality of Šardice), the wine villages of Rakvice, Hrušky and Velkých Bílovic plus international wines from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Georgia, France and Italy.Vínečko Wine Bar

If you are searching for a pleasant place to sample delicate wines and a surprisingly large range of delicious light snacks (the Bacon-Wrapped Plums are a true winner!) Vínečko Wine Bar is the perfect place.

  • Újezd Wine Cellar

Located in the historic Lesser Town of Prague and situated in the same building as Popo Cafe Petl is the attractive Ujezd Wine Cellar. This wine establishment is in a beautifully renovated cellar that features an amazing 300 m2 of space and is complete with an elegant décor and furnishings including photographs, paintings and woodcuts. The multi functional wine cellar is available for private parties as well as wine tasting events with gastronomy, theme nights, openings, musical evenings, press conferences, gallery activities and much more. The main focus is of course on the grapevine and its offerings represented at Uzejd Wine Cellar by French, Spanish, Greek, German, Italian, Czech and Moravian wines. Every Thursday evening is dedicated to a wine tasting event at the cellar in which winemakers visit from all over the world and a pleasant and colorful time is had by all. The winemakers of Moravia and Czech lands are of course represented as well.

  • Cohiba Atmosphere Bar

The Cohiba Atmosphere Bar is a special interest club for smokers of pipes and cigars and the finer things in life. The Cohiba Atmosphere Bar is conveniently located in the beautiful center of Prague, situated in the popular dining establishment of La Bodeguita Del Medio. The swanky interior of the classy cigar and pipe club is a masculine blend of dark colors with an abundance of rich wood (original wooden ceilings and wooden bar) and tan leather chairs.Cohiba Atmosphere Bar

The Cohiba Atmosphere Bar offers an extensive variety of cigars and tobacco from around the world plus a grand variety of top shelf spirits with a large selection of cognacs and world-renowned wines making C.C. Club – Praha the place to relax in style. What is more, the Cohiba Atmosphere Bar also features an online e-shop if you wish to sample their goods in your home.

  • Bresto Wine Bar & Cafe

Located in bustling New Town close to Wenceslas Square, St. Longin Rotunda (one of the oldest buildings in the city of Prague) and the pretty St. Stephan Church is the popular Bresto Wine Bar & Café. Bresto specializes in two things, wine and coffee. The establishment offers a wide assortment of the best international wines including the drink of the gods from France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, 13 types of international coffee and Champagne. The simple and attractive interior boasts a friendly atmosphere in which you could find yourself sitting for hours all the while sampling your choice of fine wines or coffees, whatever your pleasure. An intimate sidewalk patio is available for enjoying a cup of coffee on a sunny day or sipping on a vintage red on a balmy romantic summer or early fall evening. Besides the best of the world’s coffee and wine, Bresto Wine Bar & Café also offers delicious light meals to accompany your drink of choice.

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