Czech Food. The best places to eat in Prague!

Czech gastronomy, perhaps overshadowed by other cuisines easily available in Prague. Czech food is not particularly famous.

What are the best places to eat in Prague might mean that you don’t have to plan every meal in advance. If you visit the city and don’t sample the best Czech food in Prague or dine at the best places to eat in Prague, that would be a real shame. Plus being in a city that’s as touristy as Prague means that it’s absolutely essential to know at least a bit about where to eat in Prague before you go sit down at the first touristy place when you’re starving after a day of exploring Prague.

If you’ve never tried traditional Czech food. Then you should know that it is simple but comforting and filling. And might remind someone who grew up on a farm in Central Europe of the hearty, rustic meals of their childhood. Here is a guide to tell you where to eat in Prague, what Czech food to try, and where you’ll find the best food in Prague for every budget.

Prague specialties: Czech Food in Prague

fried chicken

  • Beef goulash: This dish may have originated in Hungary. But it is center stage in Czech cuisine. It is a must when you visit Prague.
  • Beer and beer snacks: Beer is the pride of the Czech Republic. Pilsner UrquellStaropramenGambrinus… you name it. They are delicious and cheaper than water (literally). Try them with the pickled sausage. Or for an experience you won’t forget, take a beer bath.
  • Fruit dumplings: Although this may seem like a dessert or a snack. They are usually served as a main dish.
  • Roast duck: Delicious with a pickled beetroot salad on the side!
  • Fried cheese: The king of street foods in the Czech Republic. This breaded and fried cheese snack is real comfort food.
  • Pork knuckle: This glorious piece of meat, usually cooked with dark beer.

Best Prague’s Restaurants

Eating on the cheap in Prague is easy. And by no means linked to bad quality. To try Czech food on a budget. Head to one of many Czech pubs for meat dishes, goulash and tank beer. It’s the quintessential Czech dining experience that you have try at least once when in Prague. Come to think of it – traditional Czech food goes well with beer, as you’ll experience on this Czech beer and dinner tour.

Eating By Budget

Cafe Lounge  *  Restaurant u Veverku  *  Las Adelitas  *  Mistral Cafe  *  Lokal

**  Ichnusa Botega Bistro  **  Room  *  La Botega Bistroteka  **  Sansho  **  Osteria Da Clara  **  Argument

*** Field  ***  V Zatisi  ***  Kalina  ***  Augustine


By Cuisine

Czech – Lokal  *  Kolkovna  *  Zelena Zahrada  *  Restaurace U Veverku  *  Zlaty klas

restaurant image

Italian – Vino di Vino  *  Ristorante Sapori  *  Al Fonso  *  Ichnusa Botega Bistro  *  Osteria Da Clara  *  Divins

Asian – Sakura  *  Hanil  *  Sasazu  *  Pho Viet  *  Siam Orchild


Country Life  *  Lehka Hlava  *  Maitrea  *  Loving Hut  *  Plevel


Muj Salek Kavy  *  Cafe Lounge  *  Cafe Pavlac  *  Globe Bookstore & Cafe * Cafe Jen

As you can see, Prague’s culinary experiences can be just as rich. Varied and enjoyable as those of other cities more famous for their food. The recommendations above are just that, recommendations, based on personal experiences, but make sure to also explore for yourself, since there are plenty of other restaurants in Prague that are worth visiting.

Prague is a magical city in every sense of the word. So make sure you enjoy it to the fullest! If you are planning on visiting Prague, check out this post about the best way to experience the city, with the top 12 activities in the Czech capital. It’s also worth trying to get out of the city to see some beautiful natural sights.

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